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Linear and 2D barcode Software - Professional Edition

Extremely easy-to-use Barcode Label Maker Software – Professional generates high-resolution barcode labels that are scannable and easily printable. The sophisticated and powerful program enables users to create barcode labels of different font, bar dimension and other features in Linear and 2D (2 dimensional) barcode font standards. The newly added barcode designing feature facilitates user to design high quality labels using required barcode fonts and image designing objects (like line, picture, text etc).

Barcode generator software supports major barcode font standards like Telepen, Postnet, USPS Sack label, Codabar, Code 93, Planet, MICR, Databar, Maxicode and more. Barcode software provides option to generate barcode list in a serialized manner or in different categories as specific to industry requirement. With label printing software flexible print settings, user can easily print multiple barcodes labels at the same time.

In today's business environment, staying competitive is critical to your success. Barcode data-collection technology is an effective way to improve the bottom line and meet the competitive challenges your organization faces every day. Powerful barcode software is cost-effective and have simple features assisting beginners to easily understand and operate the software. Barcode label maker software is popular and used in different business sectors like Retail, Transportation, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing industries, Libraries, Ticketing, Postal services etc.

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Barcode Creator Software Working Features

  • Generate customized barcode labels, stickers and tags.
  • Supports all popular Linear and 2D barcode font standards.
  • Design barcode labels using different image designing objects (Text, Line, Pencil, Picture, Ellipse and Rectangle).
  • Provide option to paste the copied barcode images at different Windows applications (Word, Excel, Paint etc).
  • Facility to print multi-copies of same barcode labels in a single paper.
  • Print preview feature to see how the picture will look before you print.
  • Generate barcode list using various series generating options (Random series, Constant Value series and Sequential series).
  • Save barcode images to various graphics formats (jpeg, tiff, wmf, bmp, png, tiff, exif, emf and gif).
Professional Barcode Properties

Select Linear Barcode and Barcode Font then click Batch Processing Series as shown in fig.

Text Properties

In Text Properties, select Manual and enter the text then set the Font Settings.

Line Properties

Set the Line Properties in General Settings as per need.

Print Preview

Set Page Properties, Page Margins and Margins between Labels then click Print Preview.

Barcode Maker Software other Features

Barcode download software is useful to evaluate barcode software download features and working. If satisfied with barcode generator download trial version, feel free to order for barcode system full version at affordable price.